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Cloud Backup



Backing was granted cloud data backup refers to a remote server based cloud.
These solutions enable organizations to store data on servers and main computer files online using this service, and store them locally on a physical disk, such as a hard drive or tape backup.
Advantages of remote backup:
Perhaps the most important aspect is the backups are stored in a different location from the original data.
In case of fire / burglary / crash / Delete still be protected and relaxed, and you can access your backups from anywhere in the world.
Remote Backup does not require intervention Mstms.hmstms not have to change tapes, or perform manually.
Backups are done automatically.
Not required to purchase special equipment for setting up a backup and storage space required to rent system.
Backup Workstation:
Full data backup desktops, laptops and servers into the cloud automatically without requiring the end user.
Supports a wide range of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
Full backup of  server files, including support for a wide variety of operating systems such as:
MS Windows Small Business Server, MS Windows Server, Linux and Mac OS X Server.

Exchange Backup:
Backup email servers including operating systems support Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 20010 and 2013.
Database backup is performed without disruption to activities.

SQL Backup:
SQL Server Backup OS support includes MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012.
Database backup is performed without disruption to activities.

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